Medical assistance

The healthcare sector has recently become a priority in the workplace.
The past pandemic has put the whole sector to the test, creating new roles and essential figures in working life, both for prevention and for the execution of health procedures.

We provide:

Medical Doctors

All medical personnel are trained and are prepared for any type of emergency or urgency thanks to continuous refresher courses, and are equipped with all the material necessary for the management of the individual case.
Our M.D.s have an excellent English language.


Nursing staff is also trained for every type of emergency or urgency and, thanks to our support, plays a role of direct assistance for every single need.
All nursing staff speak English.


Thanks to our ambulance vehicles, we can guarantee an optimal service and respond quickly to requests. We have type A ambulances with a doctor on board, type B with nurses on board and CMR with resuscitator/anaesthetist on board.

COVID testing and management

We provide experienced and English-speaking COVID manager, organize and carry out RT-PCR tests.
We have PPE equipment available (masks, coveralls and everything for COVID).