Security in the world of Cinema and TV involves various figures, which we have at your disposal.

Popular culture portrays security personnel as aggressive people: in reality we are proud of the kindness and correctness of our operators: a set, be it cinema or TV, expects us to be guests in the streets and squares of Italy, and a guest enters with education and discretion.

From the coordinator to the last watchman, our operators have cinema experience.

Set Security

They make professionalism, courtesy, and education the strength of a service that remains efficient for production and discreet for citizens.
All coordinators speak English.

Basecamp Control

Trained and decreed with registration in the prefectural register, they are experts in the management of complex locations and situations, identifying and reporting any possible problems.

Armed Security

Specialized in the surveillance of valuable goods (cameras, etc.) they can be equipped with cars and/or bikes, and are connected via radio to the operations centre, guaranteeing a secure service.

Close Protection Officer
VIP Security

Our operators are highly trained, discreet, have great experience and speak English. In several cases VIPs specifically request our operators.

Access Control

Our stewards are characterized by their well-groomed appearance, excellent English and reliability.